Friday, December 17, 2010

A Reread of Vanished by Joseph Finder

I was recently inspired to reread Vanished by the news that Joseph Finder will be releasing the next novel in the Nick Heller series in the next few months.  Let's just say I'm pretty pumped up for Buried Secrets after reading the first novel over the last week.  Vanished was recommended by a mentor of mine who originally recommended Killing Floor to me.  By the time I first read Vanished in January 2010 I had already read all of the available Lee Child Novels.

Nick Heller is an ex-special forces guy turned consultant for an elite security company, who just happens to be the son of a modern day robber baron who got caught, and is now in prison.  The story centers around the kidnapping and retrieval of his brother, Roger, who is an attorney for a large privately held construction company.  There are several twists and turns (as expected) and overall the novel is excellent.

Let's just say Jack Reacher is my baseline for all ex-military crime novel heroes.  Nick Heller is not quite Jack Reacher in physical stature, but I think he has a little more finesse.  Per the novel, "I'm six-foot-two, served in the Special Forces in Iraq, and I'm still in decent shape.  Also, there were rumors about my dark skills, things I'd done in Iraq and Bosnia, that swirled around me.  None of them were true, but I never bothered to set the record straight.  I didn't really mind having a scary reputation." (Location 1,281 Kindle Edition)  This description really cements the character for me.  He's tough, well built, but knows enough about the way people think to make things work for him.

Vanished has a great beginning description of the kidnapping of Roger Heller in the first few pages, followed by a short tale of Nick Heller finding some stolen cash that could be a short story in it's own right.  From then on, it's pretty much non-stop action throughout the rest of the novel.  I'm not going into spoilers!

One of the standout sections of the novel for me involves Nick breaking into the offices of Paladin international (Location 6,276 Kindle edition) that was just as exciting the second time around!  It really is a well thought out plan that is fun to read.  It could almost be a video game scenario.

One of the most glowing recommendations for the novel is that my wife read it, and asked me if there were any more available in the series.  She's anxiously awaiting the release of Buried Secrets too.

On a side note, this was the second novel I had read on the Kindle (the first was Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child).  I've had the Kindle for a year now, and I have to say it is the best reading experience if you compare it to printed novel, iPad, computer, etc.

Up next:  Climbing out of my 6 month dive into Swedish crime fiction with a reread of Persuader by Lee Child.  Hey, Joseph Finder recommends it!


  1. Nice! I've sent my copy of Vanished around the office and have yet to get it back. I've been dying to reread this myself ever since the short story a couple of weeks ago. I'm positive I have a copy in hardback, but I can't locate it's most likely in my desk drawer at work. Will you laugh it I tell you I plan to put the Heller series on my Kindle as well? Is it wrong to have so many copies of a really good book? Personally, I don't think so.

    I love the blog and I love the way you write your reviews. And doesn't it just make you feel good when someone you repect, such as your wife, can love a book as much as you? I think it's great that were all so anxious for Buried'll be a race to see who finishes it first.

  2. Nothing wrong with re-buying something you really like. I think I've bought the original Star Wars Trilogy 5 times.