Saturday, January 8, 2011

CRASHERS - Dana Haynes

The baby is just over a week old and doing well.  Back to her birth weight already!

I've been meaning to read CRASHERS by Dana Hayes (he's a guy)  for about a year.  My mentor who recommended Lee Child recommended this novel too, so I knew it was going to be good.  I kept waiting for the Kindle version to go under $10, but it never did.  Eventually i just bit the bullet and bought it at $11.99.  Thank goodness for the Kindle.  I have to say it is the best reading experience available.  I'm not a paid spokesperson!

CRASHERS is a novel that surrounds the fictitious crash of a wide body airliner in the Pacific Northwest.  It follows the story of the NTSB crew that shows up to figure out why the plane crashed.  The main characters are an Israeli ex-pat/former spy now living in the US who infiltrates a terrorist cell (hot chick), the NTSB investigator in charge (strong male lead) and his love interest (another hot chick), another member of the team.

This is one of those novels where everything is laid out at the beginning; the good guys, the bad guys, and even mostly how the bad guy pulled off the crime.  The rest of the novel is devoted to character development, technical details, and filling out how exactly everything happened.  I actually like this style of novel, because it lets you think about the details (is that a recurring theme in my blog?)

There is a forthcoming sequel, which I will definitely be reading!

I only have 2 criticisms of the book.

1.  There is mention of flipping of the safety on a Glock (Glocks don't have safeties - any Reacher fan will know this).

2. There is a bit too much detail in the fashion/clothes side of things.

I have the next week off for paternity leave, so expect another novel review sooner than later!  I'm thinking about a re-read of Killing Floor, one of my top 2 Reacher novels!


  1. Awsome review...which is no surpriise. I really loved the main male lead, Tommy...I think he is incredibly hot and can't wait to see if anything develops between him and his friend. In my dreams I would love to be the ex-israely spy girl.

    Can't wait for your review of Killng is my favorite REACHER novel. He totally stole my heart.

  2. i'm really taking my time with the re-read of killing floor. it's awesome!