Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Breach - Patrick Lee

Once in a while, you read a book that gives you a breath of fresh air.  The latest one for me is The Breach by Patrick Lee.  While not really a crime novel, I still have to review it because it is that good.

If you've ever read Daemon by Daniel Suarez and liked it, you're probably going to like this book too.  The book is built on the premise that the government tore a hole in space/time, and useful/dangerous objects come out of that tear a few times a day.  An organization is formed to protect it.  Someone breaks off of the organization with a few objects, and crazy stuff starts to happen.

It really is a great thriller, with a heroes named Travis and Paige (and yes, there is some chemistry there).  The beginning of the book takes off as fast as Persuader by Lee Child, and keeps going.  If there is a lull in the book, it is only about 50 pages in the middle, but I got through that pretty quickly.  I picked up the book on Thursday night, and read the first 160 pages in about 90 minutes, which kept me up until about 1:30 am.  I would have finished the book within 24 hours if i wasn't so tired from reading it!

I have to give this book my highest recommendation!  There is a sequel out there too called Ghost Country, which I will be reading shortly.

Next on my list is The Hangman's Daughter, which I found on Amazon's crossroads.

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  1. Ya, The Senator is supposed to be that voice of reason on my blog and he always holds out on the 'likey, likey' stuff because he's a "law student" and wants to be serious all the time.

    I love your review of this book and feel the exact same way about it. I haven't read Ghost Country yet...the only reason why I won't review the series is because I'm afraid of Patrick Lee's agent, Janet Reid. It's the same reason why The Senator reviewed the David Trevellyan series by Andrew Grant. I'd hate to tick the lady off by writing something wrong...Anyway- I'm glad you loved the book and can't wait to read your thoughts on Ghost Country. :)

    Nice use of the word incredulous, BTW! The Senator wasn't pleased with a tweet we got from said agency...which is why I won't touch her clients books. They used the word I thought we'd have fun with the contest.