Thursday, February 3, 2011

Velocity - Alan Jacobson

Wow, what can I say about Alan Jacobson's latest novel?  Unfortunately, not a lot because it would spoil just about everything that has to do with Crush, the book that precedes this novel.

Basically, it is a continuation of Crush, adding complexity to the story that is started at the end of that novel.  Really, these two books could have been one, but who is going to buy an 800 page thriller?  Well, probably me, but not the masses. (anyone else read the entire Baroque Cycle?)

In this novel, Karen Vail is on the trail of a serial killer, who looks like a copycat of the killer from Crush.  She then finds herself entwined in a DEA operation, which takes over the remainder of the book.  I've read all of the Karen Vail novels on the Kindle, and it was awesome!  The first two were free, and I paid 12.99 for the final novel, which violates my 9.99 Kindle max.  I figure the first two were free, so it evens out.

Once again, I like the character Karen Vail better than the story, but the novel was still worth the read.

Up next, Patrick Lee's The Breach, at the suggestion of Sabrina.

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