Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lullaby Town - Robert Crais

I'm working my way through the Elvis Cole novels because they are awesome.  I highly recommend you start with The Monkey's Raincoat and work your way through the series.

Lullaby Town Elvis Cole leaves the comfortable climate of Los Angeles for wintry New York City and Connecticut. He's tracking down the long lost wife and kid of a blockbuster film director.  He eventually finds himself teamed up with Joe Pike going against a fictional New York Crime Family.

Aside from the sunny weather and lack of the Classic Corvette with the top down, this is classic Elvis Cole and Joe Pike.  This is a little more violent than the typical Cole novel, but it is not gratuitous.  This novel has pretty much solidified Elvis Cole on my list of classic crime characters.

I have the next two Elvis Cole novels in my possession, and will be reading them in rapid succession.

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