Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saving Rachel - John Locke

Why do I keep reading these books? Oh yeah, they are $0.99 and I'm bored. I've been using the Donovan Creed novels as filler lately. You know, when you finish a book that was epic, and you're not ready to commit yourself to something serious again.

This is a new twist on a Donovan Creed novel. It is not told from the perspective of Creed, but rather someone who needs Creed's help. Sam Case is a programmer who helps people embezzle money kind of as a financial advisor. He has a wife and a mistress, and someone who wants ALL of the money he has under his control. He plays Sam's love for his wife and mistress to get the cash.

Some interesting decisions are made along the way, and overall it is an entertaining read. There are even a few unpredictable twists. Unfortunately, in the end, the novel is just as over the top as the other Creed novels.

I think 0.99 is a good price for these novels. They take about 90 minutes to read, and the stories are kind of forgettable, but entertaining.

The next novel is Cody McFadyen's Abandoned. I've actually just finished it, and it's awesome!

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