Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hogdoggin' – Anthony Neil Smith

Hogdoggin' is the followup Billy Lafitte novel after Yellow Medicine, the story that originates the character. Without revealing too much of Yellow Medicine, Billy is on the run after escaping a Department of Homeland Security agen, who goes by Agent Rome. After the debacle of the Lafitte case, Agent Rome got “promoted” out of his job, and ended up with an FBI job in New Orleans. He's been secretly tracking Billy without the FBIs knowledge.

Billy has taken up with a motorcycle club/cult led by an aging biker named Steel God. He’s an enforcer, and has almost certainly killed a few people in his time with the club. He’s also Steel God’s most trusted advisor. Unfortunately, Billy gets the call that his family is in trouble. It’s almost certainly a trap set by Agent Rome to smoke him out (which he realizes), but he goes anyway. Along the way, he meets a woman, kind of kidnaps her and lets her go, gets kidnapped himself, and eventually ends up in a police standoff.

I wouldn’t classify the ending as a cliffhanger, but more of an open ending, almost certainly leading to another novel (think Jack Reacher in Lee Child’s 61 hours. Yeah, it can be kind of frustrating.

Up next is a graphic novel, Kingsdom Come.

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