Monday, February 6, 2012

All The Young Warriors - Anthony Neil Smith and The Grove - John Rector

I've been trying to keep the updates to one book at a time, but I picked up The Grove by John Rector right after I finished All the Young Warriors, and read it in one day.  That makes it pretty hard to stay caught up.

All the Young Warriors is by Anthony Neil Smith, the author of Yellow Medicine and Hogdoggin' which are two novels starring an over the top character named Billy Lafitte.  This is a standalone novel starring a self destructive cop whose pregnant girlfriend is killed in Minnesota by teenage Somalis on their way back to Somalia to fight a holy war.  The cop goes off the deep end, recruiting one of the teenagers' father to get back to Somalia to take revenge.  It's an interesting story that grinds through a lot of great plot points.

I am pretty sure The Grove ended up on my kindle when Amazon was giving it away for free.  This is a story of an alcoholic schizophrenic who goes off his meds and finds the dead body of a young waitress in a grove on his farm.  She starts talking with him, and he tries to find out who killed her, hoping all the while that it wasn't him during a blackout.  This is more of a novella, and a really quick read.  It would be a great read for a 2 hour plane ride.

I'm currently reading The Walking Dead Compendium #1, which is the first 48 comics in the series.  It's dark... and really good.


  1. I really enjoyed All The Young Warriors... Smith's writing had some edge in it and the some of the scenes had me pretty creeped out.

    I haven't read The Grove, but I did recently read Already Gone by Rector and really liked it. Better ad this other one to my TBR pile.

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