Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting Behind Again - Hunger Games, more Walking Dead and Cowboys and Aliens

As much as I tray to stay caught up, it is just about impossible because the books I've been reading have been so good!  First of all, I picked up The Hunger Games via the Kindle lending library.  Technically, it is a young adult novel, but it definitely transcends the genre.  I liken it to the Harry Potter series, which can be enjoyed by all ages.  It is a three book series, and the first two are excellent.  The third is good, but definitely the worst of the three.  Suzanne Collins creates a rich post-apocalyptic world in great detail that is captivating.  JK Rowling's Harry Potter world is actually smaller geographically and more rich, but overall, this is the most exciting new series I've read in a while.  There is a movie coming too!

I also found out the local library carries The Walking Dead graphic novels, so I caught up on the next 3 in the series.  Still another four to go, but the patrons at the library aren't returning them!  They were excellent.

I've had Cowboys and Aliens for a while, since I picked it up cheap at the borders closeout.  I finally got around to reading it.  It's an interesting read, but I can't believe they made a movie out of it.  There has to be some serious rewriting going on just based on the preview I saw.  I'm going to be waiting for the movie to come out somewhere for free.  Hopefully Amazon gets it on Prime streaming soon.

I think I'm going to start re-reading The Confusion by Neal Stephenson.  I read it a few years ago, and I think it will benefit greatly from a re-read since there are so many different plots in the book.

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